My Vegan top tips

Overnight? Gradual? Not sure how to go Vegan this year?

Here’s my top tips – maybe you’re a veggie, maybe you’re not – maybe you’re looking for that final push to become vegan or  maybe you’re wanting to make healthy lifestyle choices?

Well, it’s a piece of cake (mmmm cake!)

It’s a piece of cake! Vegan cake of course

You’ve got this far – let Vegan Collective help you with the next step with lots of delicious alternatives.

I too have been on a journey to get here today – my tips;

  • Make small incremental changes
  • Take each day at a time
  • Take it slow or go fast – the choice is yours, but have your end goal in mind #makeachange
  • Create a food diary to track progress

Making small changes every day, will help you get there. 

How I started – imagine waking up, the sun is shining and you pop the kettle on – pour the water into your cup and add your……. Oat Milk.

Add Oat Milk to your morning cuppa – delicious!

Drink coffee and create a food diary

Oat Milk is delicious

And did you know oat milk is a good choice if you have a food allergy, an intolerance – it is naturally free of lactose, nuts and soy. It’s great for the environment as it reduces its environmental impact. 

If we compare oat milk and cow’s milk – the production of oat milk leads to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses approx. 60% less energy. The big one for me – Oat Milk uses about ten times less water than cow’s milk. 

Think about it meal by meal – start with that morning cuppa, next crack breakfast, swap eggs for yummy tofu. 

Do it right – don’t miss those essential nutrients your body needs. You can read back some of our past blogs to gain more info on protein, omega-3 fats, iron and calcium. 

If you want to see any topics that interest you, please get in contact.

Good luck

Live Eco – Be Green – Go Vegan

It’s a way of life

Love the Vegan Collective team x

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