Since recently becoming vegan I was struggling to find vegan replacement food, especially chocolate, this being my favourite treat if I am craving something sweet!  I searched the internet and have so far found lots of vegan chocolate alternatives namely iChoc, Moo Free, Booja Booja, Chocolate and Love, Ombar and Vego but no website that sells all of these brands in one place.  My husband and I then had the brain wave of starting a website that sells all of these lovely treats in one place and that was where Vegan Collective was born.

We have carefully sourced lots of vegan products and are always looking for new products to add to the website.  I recently purchased a box of 10 iChoc Choco Cookie Rice Chocolate thinking that I would be able to sneak in chunks every so often and that they would last me be a long time.  How wrong was I. When I went to the cupboard the other day there were only 4 bars left!  These had been demolished by my husband and two children.

I am finding that vegan food isn’t just for vegans, everyone can enjoy vegan food especially the vegan chocolate!

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Vegan Food is not just for Vegans!  Click play to listen to this blog


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